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Feb 26, 2014

Broken Record: House Republican Leadership Claims to be Working on ACA Alternative

House Republican leadership claims to be meeting on Friday to begin crafting a Republican alternative to the Affordable Care Act.  If this news seems familiar, that’s because they’ve been making the same false claim for years. Without fail, their “alternative” has boiled down to repeal every time – an agenda that would take us back to the time when insurance companies could raise rates, deny care, kick people off their plans and treat being a woman as a pre-existing condition.

Timeline of Inaction:

  • January 18, 2011: GOP set to assail healthcare law and seek alternatives [Los Angeles Times]
  • January 20, 2011: House to begin work on health care law substitute [CNN]
  • June 5, 2011: Months after healthcare repeal vote, GOP still working on ‘replace’ [The Hill]
  • April 3, 2012: Looking Ahead, Republicans Examine Options in Health Care Fight [New York Times]
  • June 17, 2012: GOP on health care: Repeal quickly, replace slowly [Associated Press]
  • April 25, 2013: House Republicans laying groundwork for Obamacare replacement [Washington Examiner]
  • January 30, 2014: House GOP will offer Obamacare alternative this year [Los Angeles Times]
  • February 21, 2014: Cantor Says GOP Finishing Work on Obamacare Alternative, Details Agenda [Roll Call]
  • February 26, 2014: GOP Leaders to Huddle on Obamacare Alternative [Roll Call]

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