Campaign 2010

Jan 26, 2012

BREAKING: New Polling Shows Voters Want a Democratic Congress

Yet another poll shows voters prefer to elect Democrats to Congress in November, continuing a trend that started late last year.

  • Tonight, a NBC/WSJ poll showed voters want a Democratic Congress, not a Republican one, by 6 percent (47 percent to 41 percent). This lead is double the advantage Democrats had in the last NBC/WSJ survey from December.
  • On Tuesday, a National Journal poll found that 48 percent of voters prefer Democrats to take control of the House while 37 percent want Republicans to stay in control. In October, the same poll showed a statistical tie.

In January of 2010 before taking the majority, Republicans led in an NPR poll by 5 percent and by 3 percent in a CNN poll.

This week, former NRCC Chairman Tom Davis said that Democrats could retake control of the House and last week former RNC Chairman Michael Steele admitted the same.

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