Campaign 2010

Oct 15, 2010

BREAKING: Allen West (FL-22) Tied to Criminal Organization

Tonight, NBC News’ Lisa Myers reports that Allen West (FL-22) has ties to an infamous motorcycle gang, the Outlaws.  On Monday, Republican Leader John Boehner campaigned with Tea Party darling Allen West (FL-22).


The Justice Department has said that the Outlaws produce and distribute methamphetamine, and engage in other criminal activities including arson, homicide, and prostitution. [Justice Department, National Gang Threat Assessment 2009, Published January 2009, accessed 9/13/10]

This past Monday, Republican Leader John Boehner was raising money for Allen West in Florida.  This past Tuesday, NRCC Executive Director Guy Harrison touted West’s candidacy.  Republican leaders, including Eric Cantor and Sarah Palin, support Allen West. 

Allen West is just the latest Republican candidate with an extremely disturbing past that Republican Leader Boehner and the NRCC have promoted. 

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