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Apr 21, 2004

Blog Round-Up

Via Atrios, David Sirota discusses the case for illegality in the transfer of $700 million from Afghanistan to Iraq (see this previous post as well):

- BUSH REQUIRED TO TELL CONGRESS, IF DREW FUNDS FROM THE 9/11 SUPPLEMENTAL: While the President was given discretion to direct $10 billion of the post-9/11 Emergency Supplemental bill, the legislation specifically obligated the President to “consult with the chairmen and ranking minority members of the Committees on Appropriations prior to the transfer” of any funds. In other words, the President was obligated to tell key congressional leaders of both parties anytime he moved money. [Source: Text of HR 2888, Post-9/11 Emergency Appropriations, 9/14/01]

Much much more in there.  Over at Washington Monthly, Kevin Drum finds one angry Republican:

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.), vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, charged that the president is playing political games by postponing further funding requests until after the election, to try to avoid reopening debate on the war’s cost and future.

Weldon described the administration’s current defense budget request as “outrageous” and “immoral” and said that at least $10 billion is needed for Iraqi operations over the next five months.

“There needs to be a supplemental, whether it’s a presidential election year or not,” he said. “The support of our troops has to be the number one priority of this country….Somebody’s got to get serious about this.”

And Demagogue takes a (funny) cheap shot at Manuel Miranda, the GOP staffer that stole something like 5,000 Democratic memos and seems to see it as a claim to fame.

Ok, all the other bloggers are still asleep, can’t blame ‘em.

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