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May 26, 2004

Begala on DTripTV

Hastily, painstakingly, and unofficially transcribed from today’s Crossfire:

Paul Begala:


”...With tragic news from Iraq and terror alerts here at home , it’s good to see somebody, somewhere still knows how to have a little fun in American politics.  The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a new game on its website,, called “Republican Survivor,” and it allows you to vote a prominent Republican off a cartoon island.”


“Now I don’t know about you, but I’d just as soon leave all of those people on an island rather than have them here in America - we’re better off without all of them.”


“Republicans no doubt will respond with their usual self-righteousness and lack of humor, which is a sad commentary - the party of great presidential wits from Lincoln to Reagan has now become the province of lemonsuckers and whiners.”

Welcome to DTripTV.  If you think this teaser is rough, wait until June 3rd…

Update: DCCC folks gather ‘round to throw together “Republican Survivor” press kits.  That’s DCCC Communications Director Kori Bernards running the show towards the right.

Survivor Press Kits.jpg

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