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Jan 09, 2014

As Nestande’s Campaign Flounders, Republicans Opt for Messy Primary

Brian Nestande’s congressional campaign has been a dud. Between his opposition to popular ideas like raising the minimum wage and the DREAM Act and his poor fundraising support, Nestande looks to be going nowhere. So it should come as no surprise that Republicans are looking around for other options, and former legislator Ray Haynes is the first to publicly express interest in a primary challenge.

“Republicans realize that they have a bad candidate in Brian Nestande,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “While Brian Nestande is already having trouble getting support for his record of standing against hardworking Californians, Haynes faces the same problems. Republicans will face a messy fight among themselves to see who can move further outside the mainstream with their reckless agenda and mistaken priorities that are wrong for California.”


Nestande Voted Against Raising the California Minimum Wage. In September 2013, Assemblyman Brian Nestande voted against a bill that would’ve increased California’s minimum hourly wage from $8 to $10 by 2016. The San Jose Mercury News reported that “Gov. Jerry Brown has already promised to sign the bill, making California a leader in a growing movement to increase wages for the working poor spurred by protesting fast-food workers across the country.” The California Assembly approved of the measure 52-25. [AB 10, 9/12/13; San Jose Mercury News, 9/13/13]

Nestande Voted Against the California Dream Act. In 2011, Nestande voted against the California Dream Act that would allow illegal immigrants to apply for state financial aid to attend the state’s public colleges and universities. The California Assembly approved of the measure 48-27. [AB 131, 9/02/11; Los Angeles Times, 10/09/11]

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