Campaign 2010

Apr 26, 2004

Another One Bites the Dust

“GOP Moderate” Jack Quinn out in NY-27.  From our press release:

Quinn Departure Makes Dem Open Seat Advantage Even Stronger

[Washington, DC] Democrats’ advantage in House open seats got even stronger today as another of NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds’ New York Republican colleagues announced he is abandoning Tom DeLay and his Republican House.  In a news conference this morning, Rep. Jack Quinn told reporters he is giving up his overwhelmingly Democratic seat (Al Gore carried the district with 57% of the vote).

Quinn, like New York Rep. Amo Houghton who recently announced his retirement, is a moderate Republicans who has been increasingly out-of-step with a House dominated by the extreme agenda of GOP Leader Tom DeLay (TX).

“Tom Reynolds’ New York colleagues are sending him a message by abandoning the right-wing Republican House and giving Democrats a strong advantage in our campaign to win a new majority,” said DCCC Chairman Robert T. Matsui. “Jack Quinn’s overwhelmingly Democratic seat is an outstanding opportunity for Democrats to pick up another GOP seat in the Fall.”

Overall, Democrats now have an 18-11 advantage in open seats and there are far more competitive GOP seats than there are Democratic held seats.  In addition, in ten of the most competitive open seats (CO-3, KY-4, LA-3, LA-7, OK-2, PA-13, PA-15, SD-AL, WA-5, WA-8), Democratic candidates average $60,000 more cash-on-hand.  Fifteen Democratic candidates had an average of $316,000 cash-on-hand versus only $246,445 for the 15 Republicans running for those seats.

I’m sure the Club for Growth is crying a river over this one.  Read the full release for a run down of some of our other opportunities.

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