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Oct 22, 2013

Another New Poll - Americans Fundamentally Siding Against Republicans on Issues

Another New Poll - Americans Fundamentally Siding Against Republicans on Issues, Punishing them for Dysfunction

Another day and another round of polling is showing that the Republican brand is fundamentally damaged. The latest numbers come from the Washington Post/ABC.

On the major questions facing Congress, voters are siding against Republicans:

  • Voters are siding against Republicans on how they are handing negotiations on the federal budget by 56 point (21 percent to 77 percent) with 59 percent strongly disapproving.
  • 77 percent of voters think that Republicans in Congress are more interested in doing what’s best for them than what’s best for the country. A majority of those surveyed believe President Obama is doing what’s best for the country.
  • By 24 points, voters say Republicans are responsible for the government shutdown (53 percent to 29 percent).
  • Voters overwhelmingly believe that any budget agreement should include spending cuts and new revenue not just spending cuts alone (59 percent to 37 percent).

When you’re losing on the issues – sure enough – people don’t like you and don’t want to vote for you.

  • The Republican party’s favorabilities have hit an all time low – negative 2:1 – with only 32 percent favorable and 63 percent unfavorable. The Democratic Party’s favorabilities are statistically even.
  • Under Republican leadership, approval of this Congress has fallen to 12 percent with 85 percent disapproval – the highest ever.
  • It’s not just the national brand any more, approval of “your own” Member of Congress is negative for the first time (43 percent approval – 47 percent disapproval) and 66 percent of voters are willing to look around for someone else in 2014 while only 24 percent are inclined to re-elect their Member.
  • When asked who they will vote for in 2014, Democrats lead the generic Congressional ballot by 8 points (48 percent to 40 percent).

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