Campaign 2010

Feb 14, 2014

Special Election Update

Good news: we can hand Boehner a big defeat right in the Republicans' backyard!

A loss in Florida's 13th District would be a huge embarrassment to Boehner. This seat's been in Republican hands for the last 58 years!

Watch Democratic candidate Alex Sink's first ad:

And Alex's opponent? Meet Republican lobbyist David Jolly:

Alex is facing an avalanche of attacks from FOUR different Republican outside groups. But she refuses to back down from their deceptive smears:

The special election is March 11th -- that's less than a month away. In special elections like this, it's critical that we reach every last potential voter and remind them about Election Day. Even if you're not in Florida, you can help make a difference by calling voters from home.

Let's go win this race! Commit to volunteer to get-out-the-vote for Alex.

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