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Mar 15, 2004

A Second Email

CBS News finds another email:

“An e-mail—obtained by CBS News—appears to show the White House was anxious to hide ballooning cost estimates. Sent on behalf of former Medicare administrator Tom Scully, it warns the agency’s chief actuary, Rick Foster to not tell Congress the price tag would be well above the White House’s stated 400 billion.

“Foster is told ‘the consequences for insubordination are extremely severe’.... “

Apparently the White House wants us to believe Scully was a rogue agent:

“they [those in the administration] now say they, too, want to know if and why Foster was silenced on the program’s cost—three months after the bill was signed into law. “

Also, about those fake news stories which our readers in Oklahoma and Lousiana may have already born witness to:

“‘This is the government putting out propaganda and trying to make it look like a news report, look like valid independent news. And that’s very disturbing role for the government to play,’’ says Lary Noble, with the Center For Responsive Politics. “

And last but not least, Blake over at American Footprint (an aforementioned loyal commentor here), puts together a brutal list of Republican Medicare hypocrisies in their own words.  Fine work.

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