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Feb 12, 2013

Congressman Mike Coffman’s Political Deathbed Conversion on Immigration - Too Little, Too Late

Congressman Mike Coffman will say anything to get elected - but voters won’t believe his lies because they're too little, too late. The same Congressman who has been a diehard opponent of fixing our broken immigration system claimed to be a supporter of immigration reform this weekend, according to the Denver Post.


In fact, the Congressman Coffman who showed up in a church on Sunday to describe his new position is the very same Congressman Coffman who tried to do away with birthright citizenship, called the DREAM Act “a nightmare,” backed Arizona's controversial immigration law and even pledged to “continue the fight” of extremist former Congressman Tom Tancredo. Just last year, Congressman Coffman even questioned whether President Obama was born in the United States.


Why the abrupt change, you ask?  Coffman’s conversion comes just over a year after a newly drawn Congressional district made Coffman vulnerable for the first time in his Congressional career and just over a week after a top-tier candidate announced to run against him.


“When it comes to reforming our broken immigration system, Congressman Coffman’s record speaks volumes and his rhetoric is paper thin,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Coffman shares Tom Tancredo’s radical right-wing approach to immigration – calling the DREAM Act ‘a nightmare’ and backing Arizona’s controversial immigration law. Denver voters aren’t going to believe a political deathbed conversation by a desperate politician who knows he’s out of step with the constituents he represents. They know it’s just Congressman Coffman’s Washington politics-as-usual and he can’t be trusted. Congressman Coffman is simply doing too little, too late.”


The Truth About Congressman Mike Coffman on Immigration

Co-sponsored Birthright Citizenship Act. In 2011, Coffman co-sponsored the Birthright Citizenship Act. [Denver Post, 2/13/11]

Coffman Said DREAM Act would be A Nightmare. “The Dream Act will be a nightmare for the American people. No doubt, we need immigration reform but the Dream Act is written far too broadly and it will only encourage more illegal immigration, promote chain migration, and will be a magnet for fraud,” he said. [Coffman press release, 12/08/10]

Applauded Congressman Tom Tancredo’s Efforts to Prevent Fixing Broken Immigration System. “I will continue the fight Congressman Tancredo has lead for many years…” he said. [Coffman campaign website, 4/20/08]

Signed Amicus Brief Supporting Arizona’s Immigration Law. In 2010, Coffman signed an amicus brief supporting Arizona’s appeal of a federal district court’s decision that sections of the state’s new immigration enforcement law were unconstitutional. He wrote: “This past weekend I met with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of the new Arizona law, while in Phoenix. When meeting with Sen. Pearce he shared that during the drafting of S.B. 1070 constitutional scholars were consulted specifically in anticipation of federal litigation. He firmly believes the law will stand up to legal challenges by the Obama administration.” [Coffman press release, 9/02/10]

Suggested Immigrants Brought Elderly Relatives to United States to Get Welfare. In 1996, Coffman suggested that immigrants brought elderly relatives to the United States with the understanding that they’re going to be covered by welfare. [Denver Post, 1/13/97]

Supported English-only Ballots. In 2011, Coffman announced that he would introduce a bill that would repeal a section of the 1973 Voting Rights Act that requires jurisdictions with large populations of non-proficient English speakers to print ballots in more than one language. “Since proficiency in English is already a requirement for U.S. citizenship, forcing cash-strapped local governments to provide ballots in a language other than English makes no sense at all, he explained.” [Denver Post, 8/18/11]


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